Hey Trail Dudes and Trail Dudettes,

Got any plans for Saturday morning?

Sleeping-in is NOT a plan. It’s an excuse. And a lame one, at that!

Sittin’ around in your skivvies, scrolling on your iphone, slurpin’ a cuppa Joe? That’s unnecessary decadence that will only lead to weakness – both mental and physical.

Tying on your trail shoes, scarfing down a granola bar and hittin’ the trails with Muddy Shoes? Now that’s what I call a solid plan!

Avoid that guilt you would otherwise feel by being lazy and head out with us and slap those feet on some real dirt for some real exhilaration!

This week we will head up-county to hit one old trail and one new one (!) that we have never run as a group. We’ll head out on the Ten Mile Creek Trail and pick up the Danger Noodle Trail, which is a 3 mile loop, before heading back to the start. The route is what we call a lollipop course. Not because its sweet (it is!) but cuz of its shape. Weather should be picture perfect. Mother Nature is once again doing us a solid. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Announcements then details:

  • As many of you know, we lost Kevin Ruppel a great friend and runner this past Winter to ALS. There will be a KEVIN RUPPEL MEMORIAL FUN RUN to celebrate his life on Sunday, June 9th. Please come out to run and/or share memories.
  • 2024 marks the 10 year anniversary of Muddy Shoes? Yup, ten years ago we had our first run. To mark the occasion, we will be getting commemorative swag to celebrate. Stay tuned. Save your money! T-shirts are coming?!
  • We have swag! Muddy Shoes Baseball caps (a mere $15), Buffs ($10) and Reusable Cups ($5). See Coach Phil or Coach Mike (Chau)

Ok, details for Saturday:

Location: Ten Mile Creek Trailhead

Address: 20401 Clarksburg Road, Boyds, MD 20841

Date: 01 June 2024

Time: 0730

Course: Ten Mile Creek to Danger Noodle Loop and back.

Caltopo: Unavailable. Might have to actually pay attention to markings!

Distance: 13+ miles (Ten Mile Creek ~5.1 miles x 2; D. Noodle 3 mile loop)

Pace: Slow, Fast and In-between; all are welcome!

Vibe: Chill



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