Stone Mill 50 Mile Preview Training Runs

Race website:

We are hosting 4 preview training runs for the premier 50 mile race in Maryland!

Preview Run #1 – 9 October – Stedwick E.S. – The run will take you from the school onto Stedwick Rd. for a short bit then left on Watkins Road (yeah, its pavement, but only for a short bit) over to the Seneca Greenway trailhead where you get back on dirt heading South to Clopper Lake. Go around lake and back.

Distance – about 20 Miles

Address: 10631 Stedwick Rd, Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Preview Run #2 – 16 October – Pennyfield Lock – Start at Pennyfield Lock and head North up Muddy Branch Trail to Rt. 28 and back.

Distance – about 17 Miles

Address: 39.0537° N, 77.2889° W

Preview Run #3 – 23 October – Pennyfield Lock (again) – Start at Pennyfield Lock and head up C&O Canal to the start of Greenway Trail by the actual Stone Mill and head North up to Rt. 28 parking lot.

Distance – about 20 Miles

Address: 39.0537° N, 77.2889° W

Preview Run #4 – 30 October – Rt.28 Trail Head – Head North up Greenway and Seneca Ridge Trail to Quince Orchard Road. Down Rt. 28 (sidewalk to start of Muddy Branch trail.

Distance – about 22 Miles

Address: 39.128111, -77.332955B

***Note: Each of these runs is an out-n-back, so the distance is easily customized to your needs.

Muddy Branch Trail Run Saturday July 10th

It’s been a hot, humid and sometimes wet summer so far so let’s get out on the Muddy Branch Trail for some more single track goodness! The weather should cooperate with us as the rains from yesterday have moved out of the area. There will be a couple of gallons of water at the turnaround point, please download the Caltopo map into your phone app to make sure you stay on the right track.

Where: Blockhouse Conservation Point Parking Lot: 14750 River Road
Darnestown, MD 20854 – 39.0661, -77.3047

When: Saturday July 10th 2021 @ 0730

What: 10 miles out turn around at MD124 –

How: Running, Skipping, Jumping, Jogging, Walking, Dancing……

If you plan on running or being out on the trails for more than 10 miles please let us know by signing in and out before you leave the parking lot.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out tomorrow morning!!

Capt. MuddyShoes

Welcome back Trail Runners!!

Hi there you crazy Mud Peoples!

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a group trail run for mymuddyshoes and I’m excited to see you all out there! Tomorrow morning we have 10 miles planned on some of my favorite trails in Rock Creek Park. As always you are free to run/walk/job/hike/trot as far or as short as you want. Just note on the sign-in/sign-out sheet that you’ll be out longer if your plan is 10+. There will be water along the trail but always make sure to be prepared with your own food/water and a way to contact someone should you get in trouble.

Here’s the details:

What: 10 mile trail run in Rock Creek Park

Where: Meadowbrook Local Park – Parking Lot: 38.9867, -77.0620

When: 7:30 AM, Saturday Jun 12th

How: – Rock Creek Park 10 Mile Loop (you can import this map into the Caltopo app on your mobile device)

Why: Trail running is good for your soul.

Hope to see everyone out there!


MCRRC’s Winter Trails program Zoom event with Ultrarunner Extraordinaire Michael Wardian

Happy Winter Trails MuddyShoes Peeps!!!

MCRRC’s Winter Trails program is hosting a Zoom call with Ultrarunner Extraordinaire Michael Wardian this Wednesday, Feb 3, at 7:00 PM.  Michael recently won the Quarantine Backyard Ultra (not actually a trail race), running a little over 4 miles an hour for 63 straight hours for a total of 262 miles, and he won the 2017 World Marathon Challenge, running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents with an average time of 2:45:57!  As we’re in the middle of winter running, he’ll talk to us about the marathon in that series held in Antarctica!  Michael has also participated in Lazarus Lake’s Barkley Marathons. We highly recommend watching the documentary “The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young!” available on Amazon Prime website here —

Winter Trails is opening up this opportunity to the first 75 MyMuddyShoes members to sign up at this link –

MCRRC’s Winter Trails Zoom event with Ultrarunner Extraordinaire Michael Wardian

***Outta the Way Cafe Doing Curbside Takeout>>>

***Outta the Way Cafe Doing Curbside Takeout>>>

Hey Folks,

Even with social seperation, self isolation and a rampant handwashing lifestyle that we are all experiencing, we still gotta eat. Local restaurants are really taking a hit. One our our Tuesday night post-run gathering places , The Outta the Way Cafe, is doing curbside takeout. If you’re hungry give ’em a call and get some good grub. They always take good care of us and treat us so well, its time to help them out!

Cheers and stay safe,

Muddy Shoes

Muddy Shoes COVID-19 Hiatus

Muddy Shoes COVID-19 Hiatus

Hey Muddy Shoes Faithful,

Based on the health guidance we (the public) have been receiving coupled with a good dose of common sense I have decided to curtail ALL Muddy Shoes running activities until it is safe to resume. This includes Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

One thing to remember, though, you can still go out and run trails. In fact even the CDC advice says that exercise is still highly encouraged. Just do it by yourself or with a friend or two practicing social distancing. Check out the Trail Locations file in our Files section and you can possibly discover some single-track here in MoCo that you haven’t been on before.

So I’m still going to be off in the woods and getting my normal miles in. I’ll just be by myself. Being an introvert, I am actually psyched! Maybe I’ll see you out there! Just keep your distance!~ Please feel free to post on the Facebook page with pertinent articles, antidotes and pics.

Cheers from six feet away!
Muddy Shoes

Muddy Shoes Bald Eagle Spotting Trail Run @ Meadowside Saturday A.M.

Muddy Shoes Bald Eagle Trail Run @ Meadowside Saturday A.M.

Hey Trailies, These are very odd times. So, I had to think long and hard about whether to go forward with Saturday’s trail run given what is going on in the world right now. I decided that we WILL run. I do reserve the right to cancel should the situation dictate but for now…we hit the single-track. I am doing this for one reason – running relieves stress…massively! And for many of us it can be spiritual as well. This seems like a time when we all could use a little stress relief and some spiritual connection. I guess that was two reasons. And I’m sure I could come up with several more but the first two are enough.

There is also the fact that trail running is inherently safe when it comes to not spreading anything communicable. For instance we do this outside in an open area, we are always running about 6 feet apart, we don’t wipe our noses with are hands (snot rockets !), etc. Although we have to do a better job at the post-run snack table. :/ To that effect, I bought snacks that come individually wrapped.

OK, about the first Saturday Muddy Shoes run of 2020! This is one of my favorites. There is a bit of sight-seeing at the beginning so we will stay together as a group and I will take you to see a Pioneer Village, a Fire Tower, A Covered Bridge, a hidden abandoned cemetery and best of all, an active Bald Eagle nest (yes, they have reportedly laid eggs). They put on quite a show for us last year. From there people can separate naturally by pace and we will head out past the ruins of THE Muncaster Mill, under the road and out to or past the famous race car in the woods. If you go past the race car you can follow the new North Branch trail out to Bowie Mill Road. Yeah, it’s a very cool run.

Here are the details:
Location Meadowside Nature Center, 5100 Meadowside Ln, Rockville, MD 20855
Coords: 39.113694, -77.106480
Time: 0730
Course: I’ll give instructions that morning
Pace: All!

Don’t forget we have some trail workdays coming up. Read about them at

Come join us! These trails aren’t gonna run themselves!
Muddy Shoes

Germ-Free Tuesday Evening Trails @ Redland M.S. and Outta the Way Cafe

 So,Trail Doggies, If there is one group activity where you can safely participate and not catch the plague its trail running. Think about it, we all stay six feet apart, we don’t touch, we don’t share water bottles and we are outside! Perfect! Well, actually I would hate to see what kind of germs you swab up from an open bag of Swedish Fish or Pringles after a run BUT…I digress. Back to talking about the Tuesday evening run Of course, we’ll all catch something afterwards at The Outta the Way café when we share those fries! We are going to the Outta the Way Café afterwards for suds, grub and chatter.

Anyway, here are the germ-free details:

Location: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Road Derwood MD 20855 (Park around back on the right side)
Coords: 39.140424, -77.133438
Headlamp: YES!
Time: 6:30 (warm up at 6:15)
Distance: ~ 5 with warm up
Course: We’ll go Counter-Clockwise, Lower Trail first.
Pace: All, we have walkers, really fast runners and everything in between.


***HEY…LISTEN UP!!! Muddy Shoes Saturday runs re-start this Saturday @ 0730. Stay tuned. I got a fun one planned.

Muddy Shoes