Hey Stone Millers (and any other Trail Dog that wants to c’mon out),

Welcome to the 4th and final Stone Mill Preview Run!!! This Saturday we wrap up our preview of the course you will be tearing up on race day…or will it tear up you? Hmmm…Anyway, before I digress, lets chat about what we have planned for you.

So, if you visualize the Stone Mill course as being an upside-down lollipop, all we have left to do is the section from miles 12 – 15-ish and then miles 34-ish to 42. Those are the two pieces that come together at the lollipop ‘stick’ if you will. It’s a little confusing but we’ll  map and you’ll see it in Blue. Either way Saturday’s run will consist of two out-and-backs starting and finishing at Riffle Ford Rd. Distance is about 20-ish miles. This is also the site of the Mile 11.5 and Mile 42 aid stations during the race. We’ll be set up here Saturday with fluids, snacks and first aid for your running pleasure.

The first out and back will be starting in reverse of the race direction. You will run on the Seneca Ridge Trail and a small portion of the Greenway from Riffle Ford to the Rt. 28 parking lot– last week’s turn around point. Then head back. This will be the actual direction of the race. Once back at Riffle Ford you will head out through the edge of Seneca Creek State Park and out on an unnamed trail that will take you out to Quince Orchard Rd. Here is on of the pavement stretches of the race (Bleecchh!). Turning right on QO Rd you’ll run up to the corner of Rt. 28, take a left and hit the sidewalk for about 1.25 miles until you see a paved trail on your left through the guardrail that will take you to the tunnel under route 28 to the top of the Muddy Branch Trail, site of the Week #1 turn around. Now retrace your steps  to Riffle Ford for the post-run mingle.

*** One quick announcement – if you weren’t already in the loop – the 8th Annual Phall Phat Ass Trail Run will take place on Sunday November 6th starting at Lake Needwood and running up to the Ag Farm for a loop and back for a fun pot-luck after-run get together. This is an excellent taper run for folks doing Stone Mill or any other long, long race. Details on under the Events tab or on our FB page. You can sign up to bring something.

OK, here are the logistical details for ya for Saturday:

Location: Seneca Creek Greenway/ Seneca Ridge Trailhead @ Riffle Ford

Address: 16864 Riffle Ford Road, Darnestown

Coords: 39.132344, -77.267809

Date: Saturday 28 October

Time: 0730

Distance: If you have to ask you probably aren’t ready to run 50 miles!

Pets: On leash – OK but no hamsters

Vibe: Chill

OK, don’t want to waste your time so I’ll C U there!



Coach Phil

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