Wassup, Stone Mill Hopefuls – kidding – you GOT this!

Hey, a quick shout out to all those that have ventured out with us the previous two Saturdays. Good time was had by all. You’ve been rewarded for your hard work with Tater-Tots, Quesadillas and Momma Q’s Scones. Can’t wait to see what’s on the post-run menu this week!

Anyway, by now, if you’ve been to the first two preview runs your feet have been on the racecourse for about 29 or so miles of it. Plus, since these are out-and-backs you’ve piled on some extra training miles for good measure. So, between this Saturday and the next we’ll cover the remaining 21 miles. Betcha can’t wait!

We are up to Course Preview Run #3 showcasing the Southwest quadrant of the course (Mile 24 – 34). So, in a nutshell, we will re-convene at Pennyfield Lock – site of the world-famous Muddy Shoes Stone Mill Aid Station (Mile 24). Then from there we will continue in the direction of the race, up the C&O Canal for a few miles to Riley’s Lock -about 3.5 miles. At this point you will turn off the canal and run up Tschiffley Road. This is the point where the Seneca Greenway Trail begins. Almost immediately you will see and run through, the remains of the actual Stone Mill. Check out the link for historical facts . Note: this will also be the site of your next aid station during the race. Rumor has it that you might encounter adult beverages to warm your running soul at this point! Continue up Tschiffley Rd. to River Rd.  Careful crossing. Once you cross head to your right over the creek on River Rd and make a quick left up Seneca Rd. for about a third of a mile before seeing the trailhead on your left. Duck in the woods on the Greenway trail and take it all the way up to Rt. 28. Now turn around and run back! Easy-peazy twenty miler for ya!

We’ll put water out on the course just not sure where yet. I’ll let ya know at the pre-run blah-blah.

Donations! So far folks have been pretty generous! From the bottom of my heart and my gruddy ol’ trail shoes – Thank You!!! Please feel free to stuff your hard-earned cash into our lovely-decorated donation box. Aside from paying for food and fluids we use at our weekly runs throughout the year, we have used this money to buy a Muddy Shoes brush cutter attachment for the weed-wacker to keep the trails clear. It works great! We are hoping to get enough money to purchase a Coleman Stove and a better cooler than my old clunker. Thanks again!

Caltopo – if you have any doubts about staying on course then download caltopo to your phone. I included the link to this weekend’s run in the details below. You can bring it up on Caltopo and it will show your current location as well as the course. It really works well.

***These runs are open to all. You don’t have to be running Stone Mill to join us. You can be training for a different event or just want to come out and do a few miles. C’mon out!

Well, enough chit-chat. Here are the details for Saturday:

Location: Pennyfield Lock, C & O Canal

Address: 12100-12226 Pennyfield Lock Rd, Potomac, MD 20854 (When you get to the canal go left and all the way down to where we will park)


Date: Saturday 21 October

Time: 0730

Donation: Yes, please! See above.

Pets: Dogs or small children on a leash OK. No ferrets!

Vibe: Usually pretty chill.



Coach Phil

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