Hey Trail Dogs,

Wassup on your Tuesday?! Get ready for our last Trail Tuesday of the Summer season at Lake Needwood! That’s right. Sun is sinking lower much faster this time of year and since we are not allowed in the park after dark, we need to wrap it up before moving to our Winter quarters. So, don’t need yer headlamp yet but might start by next week, at least by the time some of us slower folks finish. But for today we are good. Weather will be awesome.

Here are the details:

Location: Lake Needwood

Address: 15700 Needwood Lake Circle (parking lot by the Hiker-Biker Trail head)

Coords: 39.114925, -77.127917

Date: 20 September 2022

Time: Warm Up Mile 6 p.m. Main run 6:15

Course: Counter-Clockwise; Blue Jay Loop, up East side of lake. Crossover on Needwood Road. Out-n-back on Troll Trail. Back down West side. Hill repeats on Adie’s Hill then back to lot. Easy Peazy!

Distance: 6 to 6.5-ish miles with warm-up (feel free to do shorter or longer)

Pace: Slow, Fast and In-between; all are welcome!

Vibe: Chill

Hope to C U there cuz these trails ain’t gonna run themselves!


Muddy Shoes

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