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So, I’m not a huge football fan but I do watch a play or two, here or there. It enhances Autumn for me. I only need small doses though. One thing that pigskin aficionados are familiar with is when the quarterback calls a play in the huddle, gets to the line, sees something he doesn’t like on the defense and calls an ‘audible’, meaning he changes the play on the fly, at the last second before the ball is hiked. Well, I’m no Tom Brady but I am calling an ‘audible’ for Saturday’s run. Not a change in location – we are starting at the Farm Park in Derwood – but I am changing the course. We will be doing an out-n-back instead of the big Inner-County Loop listed on the schedule. It’s a distance thing. I’ll explain at the pre-run chat.

It’s still going to be a most awesome run on some most awesome trails that most of you have not been on in a while, if at all! Oh, and did I mention that Mother Nature is sending us a start time temp of about 61 degrees?! Well, there you have it. No reason not to be there. So huddle up! Here’s the play!

Location: Agricultural Farm Park

Address: 18400 Muncaster Rd, Derwood, MD 20855

Coords: 39.165172, -77.134609

Time: 0730

Date: Saturday 16 September

Course: Start with a clockwise loop on Mule Skinner Trail followed by an Out-n-back to Bowie Mill Bike Path (Percheron, Carson Farm, Upper Rock Creek, North Branch) then shorter out-n-back to Muncaster (Percheron, Carson Farm, Upper Rock Creek). Easier than it sounds.


Distance: 15-ish with many options for more miles

OK, hope to see you there cuz these trails ain’t gonna run themselves!


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