SUMMER-IN-2-FALL RUN #3 – Northwest Branch & Copperhead Run

Hey There Trail Doggies,

Happy September! If I Iook really hard, I can see Autumn on the horizon! Won’t be long now before we have those cooler temps and shorter days but until then Mr. Summertime ain’t done with us yet. Hang in there. This week (Week #3) of our schedule, we head down county to Northwest Branch, Wheaton Regional and the fairly new Copperhead Run Trail for your trail running pleasure. ***PAY ATTENTION HERE – we are moving our normal start location to the southern end of this course to Burnt Mills East Special Park, across the road from the Rt. 29 dam. From there we will run up stream on one side of the creek, do a loop in Wheaton Regional Park, head back down the opposite side of the creek, cross back over Rt. 29 and head down to the beltway on the Copperhead Run Trail, then back to the parking lot. Got it? Probably not but we’ll see! I’m just trying to complicate your trail running life…you’re welcome!


Trail: Northwest Branch, Wheaton Loop and Copperhead Run Trail

Location: Burnt Mills East Special Park

Address: 10701 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring MD. 20901

Coords: 39.03066, -77.00510

Time: 0730

Date: 03 September

Distance: ~14-14.5 Easy to add on or go shorter

Vibe: Nice

There you go. Temps will be OK but it will be humid, hydrate accordingly. Still accepting donations 😊



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