So, Trail Doggies,

Here we are again staring down the weekend and our Saturday long run. But I’m frickin’ excited this week. Really frickin’ excited! That’s because we get to go somewhere new! Not new in the sense that these trails have been here a while and some of you may have even been on them at some point. But, as a loose group of somewhat irreverent, foul-mouthed and filthy (yeah, ya’ll stink!) trail slappers, we have not frolicked here yet. Time to change that on Saturday.

We’ll be heading up to Patuxent River State Park to hit some sweet single track. The course is a 3 ¾ mile loop with gently rolling hills, an historical point of interest and beautiful sections of old growth forest. It’s well-maintained and even has a permanent latrine next to the parking lot (bonus!). It’s a single seater so you’ll have to take turns but that’s up to you. Oh, and it’s got a pretty cool little nature center with a Park Ranger on site who will chat you up about the park and other trails you can visit in the park.

Our sign-in table will serve as the aid station since it is a short loop you can fill up as you go by. Snacks and liquids will be provided made possible by your generous donation$ (BYOV8 though). We’ll be alternating the loops clockwise and counter-clockwise just for variety.

OK, here are the details for ya:

Location: Patuxent River State Park

Address: 23222 Georgia Ave., Brookeville, MD 20833

Coords: 39.23812, -77.05619

Time: 0730

Date: Saturday 27 August

Course: 3 ¾ mile loop (Max 5)

Vibe: Yes, there will be one. It will be relaxed

There you go. It will be humid, hydrate accordingly. Still accepting donations 😊



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