SUMMER-IN-2-FALL TRAIL SERIES – Run #1 – Log House Rd.

Hey Trail Joggers,

This week we are going to have balloons and face painting and people will dress up in silly costumes to run in and have color-coordinated running attire and perfect hair and…<SLAP> <SLAP> Hey, SNAP OUT OF IT!!! WE’RE TRAIL RUNNERS< DANG IT!!! We ain’t havin’ none of that! We are going to have pickle juice and mini-cokes and mud and spider webs in the face(for the leaders!) and chafing and skinned knees and snot-rockets. That’s just for starters. Did I mention the foul-language and body odor. All good trail fun. And my apologies for referring to you as ‘Trail Joggers’ at the message intro — it was a joke! Ya’ll are bad-ass, root-lickin’ trail dogs and you know it!!!

So, we are onto Week #1 in the Summer-In-2-Fall Trail Series. This Saturday we’ll be heading to the upper reaches of the Greenway Trail and starting at Log House Road. From there we’ll head South past Huntmaster Rd. and head out on the Goshen Branch Trail until it ends. Then head on back up for a total of 13-ish miles. You can get some extra distance at the top (go past Log House lot ) by heading up the Greenway to Damascus Regional Park (adds ~ 1.8 miles.). As usual, we’ll have liquids and solids back at the lot for the post-run mingle.

OK, instead of more blah-blah from me, I’ll just give you the details:

Location: Log House Rd. Trail Head

Address: 23521-23599 Log House Rd. Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Coords: 39.243936, -77.207249

Time: 0730

Date: Saturday 20 August

Course: Greenway South to Goshen Branch

Mileage: Around 13. Can add on either south or north for more mileage.

Donations: Always accepted and appreciated.

Okie-dokie, that’s about it.

C’mon out cuz these trails ain’t gonna run themselves!


Coach Phil

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