Hey Trail Dogs, Root Kickers and Mud Miscreants,

As promised, please enjoy the attached Muddy Shoes Summer-In-2-Fall Saturday Trail Series schedule. WOOP-ITY-WOOP-DE-DOO!!! Tell your friends! Alert your family! Notify your co-workers! Gossip about it to your nosy neighbors! In fact, just run up to random people on the street, and tell them all that for the foreseeable future you will be running long on Saturdays with Muddy Shoes. No yard work, chores, bed-making, child-rearing, etc. This is YOUR time! Not that any of them would probably give a S@*t but it will make you feel important!

So, let’s talk about what we have going for ya in the coming weeks. First, let me state, as I have many times before, it is the goal and mission of Muddy Shoes to cater to ALL level of trail runners. Whether you are running longer or shorter even walking, these runs are open to all So, if you are only up for a few miles or the full distance (or more) you’ll feel welcome. Likewise, folks can complete the scheduled distance and do more miles on their own. You just might have to put up with our slightly uncouth language and very questionable hygiene. So be it! It’s trail running, dang it!

Yeah, so, looking at the calendar we will squeeze in 7 Saturday meet-up runs before we get to the Stone Mill 50 Course Preview runs and the Phantastic Phall Phat Ass and then Stone Mill itself. Lots to look forward to! As a bonus we will be hitting some new venues and courses. Well, the trails aren’t new per se, but we haven’t had them on the schedule before. These include:

– Patuxent River State Park – we’re still exploring some old and new trails up that a way.

– Inner-County Loop – Yes, all the trails connect into a big loop!

– Violette’s Lock Loop – we did this one this Summer for the first time. Its back on as a regular venue (Thanks, Mike E.)

– Northwest Branch from Colesville Rd. – We usually start up at Wheaton Regional. This time we’ll start at the other end for a change. We can add 1.5 mile out-n-back to the South that many have’nt done before.

– We’ve done the Seneca Greenway-Seneca Bluffs loop before but we are going to be starting at Berryville Road side-trail with a great location to mingle before and after – more to come on that!

One other thing to look forward to is pushing out of Summer heat and humidity and stepping into some awesome Fall weather. Ahhhhhhh, so nice!

Of course, with your generous donations ($) we will keep providing beverages and snack stuff after runs and aid on the course.

So, give the schedule a look. Print it out and stick it on your fridge and we’ll see all you Trail Slappers out there!



Coach Phil

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