SUMMER/FALL TRAIL RUN #1 – Meadowside-Kengla

Hey Tree Smackers,

It’s Friiiii-daaaaay! Woot! Woot! But, wait, Not so fast. Calm down. So, I’m here to talk about Saturday morning. That’s when we run. Early. So, not to poo-poo your TGIF exuberance but ya’ll need to get to bed so you won’t bonk on Saturday. Just look forward to Saturday night for your weekend hi-jinks. Isn’t running fun? …Sorry.

This will be the first run of our Summer Trail Series – Part II. The schedule is going through the approval process as we speak. We’ll have some new places for you to trot (and old favorites too) as well as a superb and somewhat mentally stable coaching staff. No guarantees on their hygiene though! Anyway, stay tuned.

So, this week I’m taking you back to one of my favs – Meadowside Nature Center. From there we’ll have options to do a lot of different trails. The main run will probably include a quick out-n-back over to the Lake Frank Dam and then straight back out on the Kengla Trail towards Bowie Mill. Mileage will be whatever you want it to be. Run far or run not-so-far it’s up to your bad self to do what ya gotta do. Kapeesh, Trailie? Good. Now…

Here are the details:

Location: Meadowside Nature Center

Address: 5100 Meadowside Ln, Rockville, MD 20855

Coords: 39.113694, -77.106480  

Time: 0730

Distance: Up to you but right around 12ish miles

Vibe: Chill on a humid day

Attitude: Don’t bring one!

OK, then, C U there cuz as I always say, “These trails ain’t gonna run themselves!!!”


Coach Phil

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