Hey Trail Peeps,

So, question. Which is it? The heat or the humidity? I say both! So, when I hear people say “Its not the heat. It’s the humidity”, I still know I’m suffering either way. Hot is hot and humid is humid. I do recall a couple of Winter runs where it was so dang cold, and we were saying “I’ll be dying for the blowing wind and snow come July.” Well, here we are! Go figure. So….words of advice:

  1. HY-DRATE!!! All day. Keep chugging H2O. Yes, it will require more frequent bathroom breaks but, hey, that’s a good way to excuse yourself from some boring blah-blah work meetings.
  2. Dial your effort back a notch. There are no races today. No winners and losers. No need to go all out. Get your training in but be smart about it.
  3. Electrolytes. Its good to replace these as you sweat them out. They help with your performance. You can get these either through a sports drink, an additive powder or capsules. Chat with your fellow trailies to see what they use.
  4. Keep an eye on each other. I’m not going to give a dissertation here about the signs and symptoms of heat related stress but here is a good link to read up on it. https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/heatstress/heatrelillness.html
  5. Shade is good. That’s why we run in the woods, right?

OK, that my Summertime PSA on heat and stuff. Now for this evening’s run details:

Location: Lake Needwood

Address: 15700 Needwood Lake Circle (parking lot by the Hiker-Biker Trail head)

Coords: 39.114925, -77.127917

Date: 19 July 2022

Time: Warm Up Mile 6 p.m. Main run 6:15

Course: Counter-Clockwise; Up East side of lake to Blue Jay Loop, crossover lake on Needwood Rd. then out-n-back on Troll Trail and back down West side of lake, hill repeats on Adie’s Hill and then back to parking lot.

Distance: 6-6.5-ish miles with warm-up (feel free to do shorter or longer)

Pace: Slow, Fast and In-between; all are welcome!

Vibe: Chill

Hope to C U there cuz these trails ain’t gonna run themselves!


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