Hey Trail Dogs,

Have you ever run trails in galoshes? You might get your chance on Saturday! We have not had an epic rain run in a long, long time. I miss the adventure of it all. On the plus side you won’t have to shower later unless you find some mud which is highly likely, hmmm. You can also rehydrate on the fly just by opening your mouth and looking up towards the sky. Also on the plus side, the danger of getting caught in a forest fire is zilch…literally zero! The downside, you might not be allowed back in your house cuz of the mud. You might have a frog in your shorts or socks. Other than that. No reason to avoid the rain.

This is the last run of the Summer Series leading up to the 5thAnnual Summer Fat ass next weekend. After that, we’ll just keep going, I guess!

PSA – don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 5thAnnual Summer Fat Ass coming your way on Saturday 16 July! Great fun!

OK, details:

Location: Lake Needwood

Address: 6129 Needwood Lake Dr, Derwood, MD 20855 Needwood Lake Circle (parking lot by Go Ape)

Coords: 39.11871, -77.12611

Date: 9 July 2022

Time: 0730

Course: We’ll let ya know.

Distance: Negotiable

Pace: Slow, Fast and In-between; all are welcome!

Vibe: Chill

Hope to C U there cuz these trails ain’t gonna run themselves!


Muddy Shoes

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