Yes, of course we have a run scheduled for this Saturday (!) – we are doing a 16-mile out-n-back on the Muddy Branch Trail starting at Blockhouse Point State Park. There’s a smallish parking area on River Road and we’ll meet here. There are some great (albeit short) trails in the park and for those who want to experience a great view of the Potomac River, we’ll start out with a quick loop in the park. It’s about 2 miles and then we cross over River Road to hop on the Muddy Branch Trail. From here it’s an out-n-back (7 miles out and turn around). If you are not familiar with Muddy Branch there are a few tricky road crossings. The first will come at Esworthy Road where you’ll turn right and run down the road around 300 yards. Turn left on Glen Road where you pick up the trail again. The next is at Query Mill Road. Turn left here and run down the road until you pick up the trail again on your left. Water will be at the next road crossing at Turkey Foot Road.
If I’ve done my math right (let’s see… 2 miles in Blockhouse Point plus 7 miles on Muddy Branch… ) your Garmin should say 9 miles when you turn around to come back. Check my math of course!
It’s an awesome trail and yes, I do say that about ALL the trails! So come out and run! As Phil says, these trails ain’t goin’ to run themselves!


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