Hey Trail Dogs,

Time for some heat training. Good day to start building up your tolerance to Summer temps. Ya know, learn how to sweat. As if you didn’t know that already. You should be hydrating all day. Rermember, the more you hydrate, the more you have to pee. The more you have to pee, the better the excuse to excuse yourself from a boring meeting or awkward hallway conversations with your co-workers. It’s a fool-proof excuse. “Yeah, I’d like to go over my status, Boss, but I gotta pee! Bye-ya!” Works every time. I did it for years!

Truly, though, heat is nothing to mess with. Don’t push. There’s nothing wrong with going a little slower.

OK, details:

Location: Lake Needwood

Address: 15700 Needwood Lake Circle (parking lot by the Hiker-Biker Trail head)

Coords: 39.114925, -77.127917

Date: 31 May 2022

Time: Warm Up Mile 6 p.m. Main run 6:15

Course: Clockwise; Cross the Dam, hit Parilla Path crossover lake on Needwood Rd. then out-n-back on Beaver Tale Trail and back down other side of lake to parking lot with hill repeats on Potty Hill.

Distance: 5.5-6-ish miles with warm-up (feel free to do shorter or longer)

Pace: Slow, Fast and In-between; all are welcome!

Vibe: Chill

C U there!


Muddy Shoes

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