Last Tuesday Evening Trail Run of 2019 & Outta the Way Cafe!

Last Tuesday Evening Trail Run of 2019 & Outta the Way Cafe!
Yo Trail Reindeer!
Even though the weather Tuesday evening might be frightful, the beer, food and camaraderie at the Outta the Way Café after the run will be delightful! It will be a wet one (that’s what she … nevermind!). But I’ll harp on this again: If you are training for an event such as an ultra you better get yer sorry ass out running when things are nasty. Never know what Mother Nature will throw at us on race day. The more crap you run through now, the less crap will affect you then! Remember that.

Anyway, this is the last official Tuesday Muddy Shoes run of 2019. Next Tuesday is Xmas eve and the one after that is New Years eve. So we will convene on the trails and then re-convene for our last Outta the Way visit until 2020.
Howsabout some details:
Location: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Road Derwood MD 20855 (Park around back on the right side)
Coords: 39.140424, -77.133438
Headlamp: YES!
Time: 6:30 (warm up at 6:15)
Distance: ~ 5 with warm up Course: We’ll go Counter-Clock-wise-Lower Trail first.
Pace: All, we have walkers to really fast and everything in between.
Hope to C U all there!

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