Smita’s Return Trail Run Saturday

Wild turkey cock and hen – Meleagris gallopavo

Welcome back, Smita! Or should I say G’Day, Sheila! She’s back for a visit! Fresh from the land down under! Smita has returned! To celebrate I let her choose the run this weekend. And her choice is….drum roll, please….Muddy Branch Trail! A fine choice that is. We’ll start at the top and work our way down for a bit before turning around and heading back. Distance is your choice since its an out’n’back. Here are the details: Location: Muddy Branch Trail Head off of Rt 28 (Darnestown Road Address: American Way, North Potomac, MD 20878 Coords: 39.106533, -77.234655 Time: 0730 Weather: Chilly cloudy…perfect for trail running OK, burn that fat off to make room for Turkey Day Feasts! NOM, NOM Chubby Shoes

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