Saturday Trails with Muddy Shoes is Back!

Saturday Trails with Muddy Shoes is Back! Well, we’re back to normal runs on Saturday for a week or two until Winter Trails starts up in December. Yeah, Baby! This week we’re going back to one of old trails far from the Stone Mill course. Meadowside! It will be cold for sure (frightened turtle cold!) but don’t over-dress. Common mistake. Its easier to be cold for a small bit than have to drag around those extra garments. Just my two cents. So with out further adieu or blither-blather here are the details: Location: 5100 Meadowside Ln, Rockville, MD 20855 Coords: 39.1133694, -77.106480 Time: 0730 Course: Spring Trail past the Covered Bridge then out-n-back to Bowie Mill Rd and back on Kengla and North Branch Trails Wet Feet: Good chance Distance: Heck if I know! Prolly 10-14 miles – ish OK, C U there! Muddy Shoes

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