Tuesday Evening Trails @ Redland

Tuesday Evening Trails @ Redland

YOWSA! What a difference a day makes! Ran in a short sleeve today but tomorrow I won’t have sleeves long enough! Mother Nature is spreading her generosity our way and slapping us with some rain/snow/sleet/cold/wet etc…even have to deal with all that in the darkness. But ya know what? These adverse condition runs tend to be epic. And I mean epic in a good way. And, heck, we haven’t lost a runner yet!

BTW, speaking of safety, don’t wear white this time of year in the woods. Hunters can easily mistake you for a deer and you don’t want to end up mounted over some dudes fireplace!

Hey, did I tell you we are resuming our Saturday Long Runs this weekend. We’ll be doing those until Winter Trails kicks in. Stay tuned!

OK, C U Truly Bad-Ass Trails Hounds tomorrow! Details:

Location: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Road Derwood MD 20855 (Park around back on the right side)

Coords: 39.140424, -77.133438

Headlamp: YES!

Time: 6:30 (warm up at 6:15)

Distance: ~ 5 with warm up Course: We’ll go Clock-wise-Upper Trail first.

C U There,

Muddy Shoes

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