October Tuesday Trails w/ Muddy Shoes @ Redland M.S.

Tuesday Trails with Muddy Shoes @ Redland M.S.

Ya know, Mondays can be crappy. Sometimes down-right yukky, to use a technical term. But what helps me slide and slither through it are two things
1) Monday is Pilates with Anna Day (Right, Rachel, Chris and Annaliese?!) where I get my core, posture, breathing and balance re-adjusted and
2) I know that if its Monday then Tuesday Trails with Muddy Shoes is right around the corner! And this week we welcome October!! (Applause! Applause!). We are full swing into race and event season. Some still building to their peak and some already tapering (luv da taper!) Either way a nice righteous night-time trail run through the wild woods of Redland is a necessity. We got the vibe going.

Regarding night trail running, yes, its safe. I contend its safer than daytime trail running. Coupla reasons First, you tend to go a little slower cuz its dark and second the only thing to look at is your cone of light from your lamp so you are laser-focused on where your feet are going to land. And by the way, its just effing exhilarating to be doing something that just you and a handful of tree-slappers are crazy enough to do.

OK, the sky is getting dark part way through the run so head lamps are needed.

I re-opened the Jolly Roger Connecting Trail with the weed-wacker this weekend. We’ll use it for a different warm up.

Also want to announce that the Stone Mill 50 Course Preview runs start this weekend. Stay tuned!

Now the details:
Headlamp: YES!
Location: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Rd, Derwood, MD 20855 (Park around back on the right side of school.
Coords: 39.140424, -77.133438
Time: 6:30 p.m. (warm up at 6:15)
Distance: 5 even with warm up. Can easily add more. Course: We’ll go clockwise (to the left on Upper Trail; back on Lower trail)
Muddy Shoes

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