MyMuddyShoes Summer Training Run #6 – Muddy Branch Trail @ Blockhouse Point 7:30AM

Hi MuddyBuddies – 
We are running the Muddy Branch Trail tomorrow morning but starting from a new location – Blockhouse Point Conservation Park.   It’s the parking log that you run through at River Rd on the Muddy Branch Trail so it will be familiar to most of us who have run this trail before.   Coach Mike Edwards will be leading you all on an out and back to Rt 28 which should get you 16ish miles, as the schedule calls for.  You can check out the map below for more details – i’d also suggest bookmarking the map as there are LOTS of side trails the further north you go on this trail so it will help you navigate back if you make a wrong turn.  There will be water at the Rt 28 turn around and I’ll have the usual water, fruit & snax for after the run – but as usual, if you will be out longer than 4 hours mark on the sign-in sheet so we know what your plans are.

Muddy Branch Trail

Where – Blockhouse Point Conservation Park – 14750 River Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

When – Saturday June 29th @ 7:30AM

What – 16ish miles on the Muddy Branch Trail –

Why – because you love hot & humid summer trail running šŸ™‚

CU tomorrow morning – MuddyShoes

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