MyMuddyShoes Summer Training Run #5 – Black Hills 7:30AM

Hi hi MuddyShoesFolks!

We have another great run planned for this Saturday and we are now getting into some more summer like weather so make sure to plan for a hot and humid run.  I don’t know how hot or humid it will actually be, but we’ll have some water/fruit/snacks at the start/finish area by the parking lot so make sure to bring a bottle or hydration pack with you anyways.   The schedule calls for 15ish miles and I have put on the Caltopo map below 2 different out and back courses.  The Hoyles Mill out and back (blue line) is about 3.5 miles and the Cabin Branch/Hamilton/Hard Rock lollipop loop (red line) is about 4.6 miles.  You can mix up the routes, add more of the trails to your own plan but if you plan on going long or being out past 4 hours let us know on the sign in sheet.   
Here are the details:

Where:  Black Hills Regional Park @ the parking lot by the Cabin Branch Trail –

**NOTE** there is some road work that means you’ll have to go a slightly different way to the park – see details on the Parks link below 


What:  15ish trail running miles –

Why:  becuase you all all badass trailies who love to get dirty and sweaty!!
How:  one step at a time 🙂

Other notes –
Sign up for our summer fatass trail race – the Bobwhite fatass
Tuesday Nights @ Needwood with Coach Phil

Thursday Nights @ Cabin John with Coach Gretchen

See you all on Saturday morning!

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