Outta the Way Tuesday Trails @ Needwood

Yo Mud Shuckers,

Well, just like clockwork, here comes Tuesday…again! And that means we are hitting the trails of Lake Needwood. Just like we always do. Weather will be good. No reason not to show up and slap your feet on some sweet single-track. Since we’ll be working up an appetite, we’ll head on over to the Outta The Way Café afterwards for Beer, Burgers (or veggie option!) and a whole lotta chit-chat. It’s why we run! Right?

OK, for Tuesday here are the details:

Location: Lake Needwood Hiker biker trail parking lot

Coords: 39.114922, -77.127945

Time: 6:30 (6:15 warm up)

Course: Counter-Clockwise; Blue Jay Loop and Troll Trail; hill repeats on Adie’s Hill. Cost: Free! Donations accepted…

***Just got a new batch of Muddy Shoes Running Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets / stickers ($1 each). Nice swag! U.S. currency only, no Monopoly money!

***BTW, start thinking about joining Muddy Shoes for their Summer 25k Training Program coming your way in May. We’ll get you good and ready for the MD HEAT Race in August. Its cheap too – just $10 bucks! Watch for announcements

***Farm Park Challenge is coming in May. Awesome trail event! Register Now! Here is the link: http://farmparkchallenge.com/ OK, C U Tuesday!

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