Muddy Sasquatch Run on Saturday A.M.

Muddy Sasquatch Run on Saturday A.M.

Yo Trail Dogs!

Time for a trip to find Sasquatch! Bunch of you remember this run. We’ll be hitting the awesome trails of the Rachel Carson Conservation Park including a quick visit and group photo op at Sasquatch Cave. Yes, you read this right…the one and only Sasquatch. Little known fact that he lives here in MoCo in a cave…or at least he rents out a cave some parts of the year (Cave B&B?). We always start out this run by scooting over to this secret (shh) location to see if he is there and take a group snapshot to prove we were there. We do this run every year and he hasn’t eaten anyone yet. Even Sasquatch thinks trailies smell a little off, I guess! After the pic we cruise around on the various loops at this GREAT trail venue until we get our miles in. Easy-peazy!

So , the details:

Location: Rachel Carson Conservation Park

Address: 22201 Zion Road Olney, MD 20833 Coords: 39.220138, -77.085704 Time: 0730 …as always

Course: Lots of intersecting loops…you pick! Distance: As little or as much as you like. All paces welcome!

Other Stuff:

*** We, Muddy Shoes, are staffing and aid station for the C&O 100 Miler this year! Our leader for this event is our own Bad-Ass Mike Edwards! Here is the info: Date: 27-28 April Time: 5 p.m. until 3:45 a.m. (overnight) Location: Camp Manidokan, Knoxville, MD Come out on behalf of Muddy Shoes and volunteer. If interested please email Mike ( or Myself (

*** Look for info on the Muddy Shoes Summer Trail Program. Starts in May sometime after the Farm Park Challenge. Goal race is the MD HEAT 25/50K in August.

*** Speaking of the Farm Park Challenge, this is a ‘not to miss’ MoCo trail running event created and hosted by Coach Daryl. Check out the link to register.

*** Last thing – Make sure you stay fashionable on the trails. I got Muddy Shoes hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets and stickers ($1 each) for sale.

OK, C U Bigfoot Paparazzi there!


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