Tuesday Trail Run @ Needwood and Outta the Way!

 Tuesday Trail Run @ Needwood and Outta the Way! OMG It’s TRAIL TUESDAY at Needwood!!! Not only that, but its also an Outta the Way Café night after the run. Mama Nature has been lettin’ up on the moisture lately compared to all the preceip we had since last Spring. Mud will be there in spots but at least its manageable. This is only our second run since moving back to Needwood so we still have to reacquaint ourselves with the trail options. If you have never been out on the Needwood trails before , you’ll love it. We have all paces! Don’t forget about Outta the Way Café for a beer and burger (they got stuff for you veggies)! Details: Location: Lake Needwood Hiker biker trail parking lot Coords: 39.114922, -77.127945 Time: 6:30 (6:15 warm up) Course: Clockwise; Parilla Path and Troll Trail; hill repeats on Potty Hill. Cost: Free! Donations accepted…no bitcoins! So, C U there, Cheers, Muddy Shoes

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