***Tuesday Trails at Needwood-New Location

***Tuesday Trails at Needwood-New Location OK, time to move to our Summer quarters. Join us for evening trails as we re-acquaint our filthy selves with our old friends such as the Blue Jay Loop, the Beaver Tale Trail (ask Coach Phil about where the name came from. He loves to tell that story again and again…and again..(eye roll)…and again…, Oh, where was I? Yes, the trail names…the Troll Trail and the Parilla Path…and then there are the hills…Potty Hill and, of course, Adie’s Hill. Maybe Haydar will serenade us while running with his rowdy rendition of Have You Seen The Muffin Man or maybe Gretchen will be there to take us off trail (wink wink, we call it bushwacking) or maybe our canine buds Dexter and Whiskey Jack will shoo the deer away for us. You never know. But what I do know is you’ll have fun while you get a great workout in the woods. Guaranteed or no money back! Details: Location: Lake Needwood Hiker biker trail parking lot Coords: 39.114922, -77.127945 Time: 6:30 (6:15 warm up) Course: Counter-clockwise; Blue Jay Loop and Beaver Tale trail Cost: Free! Donations accepted…no bitcoins! So, C U there, Cheers, Muddy Shoes

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