Post T-Day Trail Run @ Little Bennett 7:30am

Hi MuddyShoes –

Hope you had a lovely turkey day filled with food, drink, laughter.  Now back to the trails!

We will be heading out to Little Bennett Regional Park in Clarksburg (I think this is the 3rd year in a row?).  But as some of you all may know, I like to find new trails and see new things – even in a park we’ve spent some time running around in!   So we’ll be parking in a new location & running some new (to mymuddyshoes) trails.  (our normal parking lot area is closed due to the rain/mud anyways!)

Some of you all may be familiar with these trails, so come on out and help the others who may get a bit lost 😊 One of my favorite parts of trail running is when I find that I’ve gone off course and have to navigate my way back.

Trails won’t be marked so PLEASE download a park map & also keep my Caltopo map link handy

When: Saturday November 24th 2018 7:30AM

Where: Little Bennett Regional Park (Campground parking lot area)

23702-23700 Camping Ridge Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

39.250345, -77.285494

7P27+4R Clarksburg, Maryland

What:  10 – 11 miles

Choose your own adventure – mileages & trail names:

2.5 Parking Lot – Stonybrook – Acorn Hollow – Bennett Ridge -Western Piedmont

5.9 Western Piedmont – Hard Cider – Purdum – Browning Run – Western Piedmont

1.94  – Western Piedmont – Beaver Valley – StonyBrook – Parking Lot

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