Outta the Way Tuesday Trails @ Redland M.S.

Hey Tree Slappers,

What better time to go out in the chilly, moist darkness of the Redland Woods and hit the single track than this Tuesday? Its the first Muddy Shoes run since the Phantastic Phall Phat Ass this past Sunday and the last chance to go out and carb load together for those doing the Grand-Daddy of MoCo trail races, The Stone Mill 50, this Saturday. We’ll retrace some of the Phat Ass course for a bit, hitting both the Upper and Lower trails, get all muddy and dirty and then go out in public looking like a bunch of dirt bags (BTW, ‘dirt bag’ is a compliment to a trail runner, ya know). Lets do it! C’mon out and enjoy the vibe!

Here are the detailed details:

Address: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Rd. Derwood, MD 20855 (Go around to the right behind the school)
Coordinates: 39.140231, -77.130656
Time: 6:30 (6:15 for warmup)
Course: Clockwise, Upper Trail first

*** Stone Mill 50 Miler is this Saturday. Go out to the spectator points and cheer folks on (or just come watch them suffer!!! No, that’s mean!) Here is a link where you can view the runners ; https://stone-mill-50-mile.org/spectators/

*** Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets/stickers ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin (Hats), Phil (Hats, Buffs, Magnets/stickers) or Mike Chau (Buffs and magnets/stickers ($1). ). US Dollars only!

OK, that’s it for now.
C U at the Outta the Way
Coach Phil

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