Tuesday Night Time Trail Run @ Redland M.S.

OK, Tree-Smackers,
Time is running out for getting some night trail running to prep for starting a race in the dark (i.e. Stone Mill). Running in the woods in the dark with a headlamp takes a little getting used to but it is exhilarating. No one else you know would even think of doing it (maybe rightly so) but seriously, it…is…a…blast! We have way fewer falls then when we run in daylight and there are all sorts of distractions. Don’t knock it ’til ya tried it!
OK details for Tuesday Evening:
Address: Redland Middle School 6505 Muncaster Mill Rd. Derwood, MD 20855 (Go around to the right behind the school)
Coordinates: 39.140231, -77.130656
Time: 6:30 (6:15 for warmup)
Course:Counter-clockwise, Lower Trail first
Other Important Stuff:
*** Stone Millers! In agreement with Sir Barry Hauptman (Stone Mill Race Director extroadinaire) Muddy Shoes will be hosting and sponsoring the Stone Mill Course Preview Runs in the month of October leading up to the race. Over the span of four weekends we will hold preview runs on different sections of the course eventually covering every inch of it. Great way to learn what is coming at ya. Aid will be provided and donations will be accepted 🙂 Also looking for volunteers to help pull these runs off (flagging, putting aid out, etc.) For more info and map check out the Stone Mill 50 website:
Dates for the runs
Preview Run #1 – 13 October – DONE
Preview Run #2 – 20 October – DONE
Preview Run #3 – 27 October
Preview Run #4 – 3 November
All runs on Saturday, all start at 0730.
Locations will be posted.
*** Time for a Robin special. Join us Wednesday night for more fun in the dark. This time without headlamps. Just the light of the full moon! Not your moons…puh-leez! Just the one up in the sky above! Here is the link for more info http://mymuddyshoes.org/full-moon-hike-run-10-23/?fbclid=IwAR1MtfcwNPQA2GlzdStThXEQfIKHdhRDULVzAxSYhwWsumGf4jURyeHJIfM
C U there!
*** Hey Muddy Shoes peeps. It’s time to RSVP for the Phourth Annual Phantastic Phall Phat Ass. Can you believe it’s been PHOUR years!?? Please let me know if you are running. Also let me know if you can volunteer!! http://mymuddyshoes.org/…/3rd-annual-phantastic-phall-phat…/
*** Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets/stickers ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin (Hats), Phil (Hats, Buffs, Magnets/stickers) or Mike Chau (Buffs and magnets/stickers ($1). ). US Dollars only!
OK C U there!
Muddy Shoes

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