No Saturday Run – Trails Closed Cuz Mud – Other Options Below

Well, Muddy Shoozers, looks like MoCo trails are still still closed this weekend so we will not have an organized run. Sadness, I know, but as good trail stewards we have to abide by the Maryland National Parks and Planning Commission directives whether we agree with them or not. Many races and events have been cancelled already this weekend not just in our hood (MCRRC Needwood XC 10k) but in Virginia (VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon) as well. So we are not alone.

There are a couple of alternatives that you might want to consider so you can get your bad-ass out to slap yer stinkin’ doggies on some single-track.

1) Rick’s Run 5.22 Mile Trail Run and Ultra Challenge – Sunday 16 September 0830 – This is where I will be heading to get my miles in. It is held up in Boonsboro, MD at Greenbrier State Park. Several folks have done this before and I have heard good reports (Hot showers available afterwards!). It does cost some bucks to register on race day but all goes to a good cause. Print off attached parking pass. Check out the link here:

2) XTerra Fall Backyard Burn Series Race #1 @Pohick Bay, Sunday 16 September 0900 – As of this morning they are still good to go but will announce final decision later today. This has a 5 or 10 mile option and also cost $. Here is the link –…/fall-…/fbyb-pohick-bay-park/

If anyone has info on either of these events to share or knows of other ‘sanctioned’ options for this weekend please add to post.

Other Important Stuff:

*** Location Change a comin’ for Tuesday Evening Runs:

Time to move to Winter quarters. I know we are still sweatin our butts off but night time falls upon us earlier and we can’t be in Needwood after the sun goes down which is earlier now a days. So we will be meeting up starting this week at Redland Middle School to hit the Redland Trails until Spring brings us light again. You WILL need a headlamp! Watch for announcement on Tuesday morning.

*** Stone Millers! In agreement with Sir Barry Hauptman (Stone Mill Race Director extroadinaire) Muddy Shoes will be hosting and sponsoring the Stone Mill Course Preview Runs in the month of October leading up to the race. Over the span of four weekends we will hold preview runs on different sections of the course eventually covering every inch of it. Great way to learn what is coming at ya. Aid will be provided and donations will be accepted Also looking for volunteers to help pull these runs off (flagging, putting aid out, etc.) For more info and map check out the Stone Mill 50 website:

Dates for the runs

Preview Run #1 – 13 October
Preview Run #2 – 20 October
Preview Run #3 – 27 October
Preview Run #4 – 3 November

All runs on Saturday, all start at 0730.

Locations will be posted.

*** Mark your calendars! The Muddy Shoes Phantastic Phall Phat Ass will be Sunday 11 November (Veterans Day!). There will be a Half Marathon and 10K option. Great after party too! This also is a great taper run for the Stone Mill 50 Miler the following weekend. Race Director Robin Sheperd puts on a great event.

*** Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets/stickers ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin (Hats), Phil (Hats, Buffs, Magnets/stickers) or Mike Chau (Buffs and magnets/stickers ($1). ). US Dollars only!

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