Tuesday Evening Mud Training Run at Needwood is on!

Wear your galoshes and goggles! Its going to be a splasher! But, for gnarly bad-ass trail runners like yourselves, when has moisture been a problem? Ok,ok, I know the whole sweat-chafing-moisture thingy but I’m talking about moisture from out of the sky. We lot that s*#t! Right. Remember how you used to get yelled at for playing in the rain and mud? Me too! Now, we call it exercise. Go figure. Sooooo, lets do it. Head to Needwood for a splishy-splash on the traily-trails. (Pssst…BTW don’t really wear galoshes or goggles. You’ll look stupid! Just sayin’)
Here are the details:
Location: 15679 Needwood Lake Cir, Derwood, MD
GPS Coordinates: 39.114637, -77.127564
Time: 6:30 (6:15 for warm-up)
Course: We will run around the lake counter-clockwise, hit the Blue Jay loop, up to the top of the lake then out’n’back on Beaver Tale Trail, down the west side of the lake, hill repeats on Adies Hill and back to the parking lot.
OK, C U Mud-Maggots there!
Muddy Shoes

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