Heat Index Tuesday Trail Run – Lake Needwood

Well, Trailies, it’s gonna be a scorcher out there today. High heat. High humidity. No surprise here in the DC metro area but also nothing to be messed with. If you plan on running today you should be chugging water right now. Also keep your electrolytes on the intake all day as well. Keep the effort down. You can still exercise but don’t do anything crazy…well, I forget I’m talking to an odiferous bunch of rock kickers who routinely do ‘crazy’ stuff. That being said…be smart. We will do a run around Needwood this evening. Here are the details:

Location: 15679 Needwood Lake Cir, Derwood, MD
GPS Coordinates: 39.114637, -77.127564
Time: 6:30 (6:15 for warm-up)
Course: We will run around the lake clockwise across the dam, out’n’back on Beaver Tale Trail, then back to parking lot. Hill repeats on Potty Hill if you need them.


* Mark Calendars for our 3rd Annual Summer Bobwhite Fat Ass Trail Festival @ Seneca Lake on Saturday July 21st! We’ll have various distances and a whole bunch of great chow and bevs at the end. Don’t miss it!

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* Check out the new Run Location list in the Files section that Robin put together. Gets you where you wanna be for getting and off of trails in MoCo. Contact us if there are any you want to add.

OK, C U TMFs at the Lake!
Muddy Shoes

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