Summer Trails Training Run #6 – Riley’s Lock – Greenway – Seneca Bluffs – Loop (14 miles)

Hey there MyMuddyShoes people!

Phil will not be at our run this weekend so I’ll be your leader (from the rear) again. We will do a loop from Riley’s Lock Northbound on the Seneca Greenway Trail to the Rt 28 Trailhead, turn Right on Rt 28 and run the 1500 ft along the side of Rt 28 itself over to the Seneca Bluffs Trailhead on the left southbound. AT the end of the Bluffs Trail, turn left, run past Poole’s store and back to the Greenway Trail across River Rd. It will be about 14 miles total. We will mark from the end of the Greenway Trail, out to the road and to the Seneca Bluffs Trail. The trails are well marked otherwise. I’ll have a cooler with water and some other fruits like last week as well as some other goodies available at the finish.

**Weather Note: The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms tomorrow morning. Our policy is that if there is any lighting, to please turn around and get back to your car. It is possible that you will be miles away from your car, and if it gets really bad, find the best cover you can and wait the storm out. We will discuss any weather that is in the area before we start the run.

Where: 13015 Rileys Lock Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837

When: 7:30AM

What: 14 miles (if you are doing more please sign out & let us know before)

See you all out there tomorrow morning

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