Summer Long Run #3 – Seneca Greenway

Okay, Trail Stooges. Remember these guys? Larry, Moe and Curly? WhoopWhoopWhoop! NyukNyukNyuk! What a comedic cast of characters they were. Much like your bad-ass funny selves. One difference I think we smell worse but, hey, its Summer and sweat happens. For some, much more than others and its only June! Either way we are doing 11 miles tomorrow. We’ll hit the Seneca Greenway for an out’n’back from Watkins Mill down to Clopper Road. No creek crossings this week (sadness) but there will be plenty of moisture around from the rain we have had and might get while we run. We’ll have water out on the course too. Fun times for all!

Here are the sweaty details:

Location: Watkins Mill H.S. 39.183741,-77.2181477 10301 Apple Ridge Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20886
Time: 0730
Course: Seneca Greenway South to Clopper Road and back
Distance: 11-ish


* Volunteering!!! Its always good to give back. As trail runners arepart of the larger trail user community its good to pitch in and help maintain our trails by volunteering. There are plenty of opportunities which we will post when we know of them. One is happening this weekend. Please come out and help out. Here is the info … Saturday June 2nd: Black Hill Regional Park – Hamilton Trail Connection, 9am -1pm

Join us in celebration of National Trail’s Day on a volunteer trail work project to finish a new section of trail that connects Hamilton Trail to Field Crest Spur Trail. All tools will be provided. Meeting location will be the Black Hill Regional Park’s maintenance yard parking area. To sign up visit:

* Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin (Hats), Phil (Hats, Buffs, Magnets) or Mike Chau (Buffs). US Dollars only!

* The Summer 25K Training plan and long run schedule is in the files section or on the web page. Enjoy! Cost is $10 for the Summer. That’s cheap! Target race is the MD HEAT 25/50k on August 18th. Join us on Saturdays even if you are not training for anything. Just come run trails!

* Mark Calendars for our 3rd Annual Summer Bobwhite Fat Ass Trail Festival @ Seneca Lake on Saturday July 21st! We’ll have various distances and a whole bunch of great chow and bevs at the end. Don’t miss it!!!

OK, Trail Stooges. Get a good nights rest and C U in the A.M.
Muddy Shoes

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