Muddy Shoes Summer Training Schedule is here!!


Muddy Shoes Summer Training Schedule is here!! (Check File section)

Listen up! The goal for Muddy Shoes this Summer is simple: Keep trail running options available for the masses throughout the Summer months. That includes folks of all levels of distance, ability, and hygiene. I put together a 25k training plan to use as a goal or road map that gives us a general purpose and motivation to be out there on the single-track together. The training plan will target the MD HEAT Trail Race on August 18th. Our own trailie extroadinaire Nick Yeates just happens to be the Race Director! That race, BTW, is a 25k/50k. Pick yer poison. But, then again you can just be coming out for the fun of it and getting some good ol’ T.O.T. (Time On Trail) with some T.M.Fs (ya’ll know what that stands for, dontcha?) Some of you dirt stompers might have a need for higher miles and those can be easily be added on after each scheduled run on Saturdays. We will have regularly scheduled evening runs throughout the week on Tuesdays (Lake Needwood) and Thursdays (Cabin John Regional Park) maybe Wednesdays too!.

About the Training Plan and regularly scheduled runs:
• All Saturday runs start at 7:30 a.m. (no warm ups)
• Please add the suffix ‘–ish’ to all mileage totals. I try to be accurate but everything comes out –ish. CXan’t help it.
• A $10 donation is requested to help with the cost of post-run snacks and aid station stuff if you plan on running with us for most of the Summer
. It’s also OK to bring something to share after the run.
• The plan serves as a guideline. The days and mileages are suggested. For instance, if it says 6 miles on a Thursday you can also do that run on Friday or Monday when your schedule permits. Whatever works for you and your busy life. However, the long run and weekly mileages are key to being prepared for the 25k if you are doing it.
• Cross-training is essential. I cannot stress this enough. Try to pick an activity that will not only strengthen your core but help with balance, posture and breathing. Just lifting weights doesn’t cut it.
• We will run in any weather except thunder/lightning/ tornados…..well maybe tornados…but nothing over an F-3…, F-4
• We DO cross creeks and streams.

Feel free to bring friends to join us for a run or two.

OK, C U on the trails of MoCo!
Muddy ‘Summer’ Shoes

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