Tuesday Trails @ Needwood (No umbrella needed)

Thats right, Trail Hounds, no umbrella needed for our weekly jaunt around the awesome trails of Lake Needwood this evening. Oh, make no mistake, it will be damp out there. Mere mortals will probably retreat to the relative safety of the umbrella and galoshes but we, my friends are not mere mortals. We are trail runners! Kinda like superheros, in a sense. Well, ok, maybe calling ourselves ‘superheros’ is a stretch but we are definitely bad-ass. Especially if you run in the rain. Like I always have said to my runners “The More Crap You Run Through, the Less Crap Will Affect You” I know some of you roll your eyes eveytime I say that but its true. Adversity makes you tough. So on that note….here are the super details for tonight:

Location: 15679 Needwood Lake Cir, Derwood, MD GPS Coordinates: 39.114637, -77.127564

Time: 6:30 (6:15 for warm-up)

Course: We will run around the lake clockwise going out across the dam onto Pa Parilla Path, up and across Needwood Causeway, out’n’back on the Beaver Tale Trail, and back down the otherside for hill repeats on Potty Hill. Kapeesh?


* Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin (Hats), Phil (Hats, Buffs, Magnets) or Mike Chau (Buffs). US Dollars only!

* Got Summer running plans? Well, we’ll be kicking off the Muddy Shoes Summer 25/50k Training Program in May again (after Farm Park Challenge). Its low-key but awesome! Target race is the MD HEAT 25/50k in August. Stay tuned for details coming your way.

* Mark Calendars for our 3rd Annual Summer Bobwhite Fat Ass Trail Festival @ Seneca Lake on Saturday July 21st! We’ll havew various distances and a whole bunch of great chow and bevs at the end. Don’t miss it!

OK, C U at Needwood!
Muddy ‘ Soggy’ Shoes


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