Post-Hibernation Celebratory Wake Up Trail Run

G’Morning, Tree Slappers!

OK, lets try this again…everyone, at the top of your lungs, as loud as you can, go outside and yell ‘SPRING IS HERE! WINTER BE GONE!’ There that oughta do it! Well, at least that’ll wake yer neighbors up. But, here we are! First weekend of Spring. Still some snow in the shadier spots but plenty-o-mud to go around (yes, I’ll share!). Time to shake the Winter cobwebs outta yer boots and back on it! Listen up!

We are going back to the Greenway this weekend. Can’t get enough of ity. Here’s the plan:

Location: Watkins Mill High School, 10301 Apple Ridge Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Time: 0730
Course: Greenway North to Damascus
Mileage: 14 round trip – good taper distance
Justification: Huh? Seriously!

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* Got Summer running plans? Well, we’ll be kicking off the Muddy Shoes Summer 25/50k Training Program in May again (after Farm Park Challenge). Target race is the MD HEAT 25/50k in August. Stay tuned for details coming your way.

Alrighty. C U on Saturday
Muddy ‘Hibernating’ Shoes

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