“Bomb Cyclone” Recovery Run-Sunday-0730-Riffleford Road

Hey U Muddy Shoes Shuckers!

Well, by now you all have heard the bad news about the Greenway Race being prudently postponed for safety reasons The good news is u r are all trained up, yer revved up, yer psyched up, yer hormones are raging (oops…wait…wrong discussion!) and yer ready to go! No sense wasting all that! So lets make lemons out of lemonade and run! Don’t let that training go to waste! We can still go out and burn those quads, flex those flexors and play in the woods. And what the heck, let yer hormones rage a lil’ bit! Probably good for ya.

Details, details:
WHAT: “Bomb Cyclone” Recovery Run
WHEN: Sunday, 4 March
TIME: 0730
WHERE: Meet at Riffleford Road. Park in lot or along shoulder
COURSE: Greenway South to River and back up the other side to Riffleford on Greenway and Seneca Ridge Trail (Counter clockwise). Extra miles available by adding loop North around Clopper Lake.DISTANCE: Loop is between 10 and 11 miles but you can easily add more….much more…
WHY: Cuz…um…do I really need to answer that?
FOOD/DRINK: Everyone chip in and bring something. We got a table that can hold plenty of snacks! I’ll provide water.

Bring your bad-self out for this. It won’t be the Greenway but it will be trail running with yer buds.

C U there!
Muddy ‘Hormone’ Shoes

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