Tuesday Trail Moistness @ Redland M.S. – Best Weather Evah!

Yo Muddy Shuckers,
Rain predicted! Might have to strap on those galoshes tonight if the weatherman is right but that just makes it more fun. It will also make you more of a bad-ass, stinkin’ trail dog. Just think, while everyone else is tucked up in their cozy, warm houses, all dry and soft, just sittin’ there getting weaker by the minute, you, my foul-mouthed friends, will be out there tearing through the woods of Redland getting tougher and tougher with every step. Guaranteed…or no money back. So, here’s my take on adverse weather – if you are training for an endurance event – road or trail – you need to be prepared for almost anything that can happen on race day. That includes the weather. Mother Nature is not always cooperative, especially in the Winter. So what you will experience on race day is up in the air…no pun intended….well, OK, all of my puns are intentional, but I digress. Running in adverse conditions is a great way to prepare for the worst. So if you have been training in the rain, snow, cold and you get to the starting line and its rainy, snowy or cold you can look around at the other sorry-ass runners who stayed inside all Winter and mutter under your Gatorade-laced breath, ‘Been there, ran this, bring it on, I got this!’ So I WILL plan on seeing ya’ll this evening, no matter the weather, right?
Here are the details:
Address: Redland Middle School, 6505 Muncaster Mill Road, Derwood, MD 20855 (Park around back on right side of school)
Coordinates: 39.140327, -77.131554
Time: 6:30 (6:15 warm up)
Course: Redland Trail (upper and lower) Clock wise (upper trail first)
Distance with warm-up ~5 miles
* Holidays are coming and we have just the things you need for gift giving. Check out our Muddy Shoes merch! We got Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets ($1). They are going fast! Get yours from Robin, Phil or Mike (Chau). US Dollars only!
* Welcome Winter Trails folks! Great to see everyone that came out for the first run! Lotsa old faces as well as newbies. Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Cabin John) for extra trail miles during the week! Yes, we run in the dark. No, its not dangerous (except for the scary clowns in the woods…kidding!). You must wear a headlamp or carry some sort of light. Once a month we do a post-run carb re-load/re-hydration (i.e. beer and burgers) at the Outta-the-Way-Café. Hope U join us!
OK, dats dat!
Mr. Muddy “Moist” Shoes

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