Stone Mill 50 Miler Course Preview Run #4 – Grand Finale – 28 October 0730

OK, My Fellow Grime-Encrusted, Foul-Smelling, Potty-Mouthed Trail Maggots,

It comes down to this Saturday for our last Stone Mill 50 Course Preview run. Sad, I know, but inevitable. But, just think on the bright side, now you get to taper! That’s the fun part of training for an any endurance event. You get to cram food into your pie-hole by the shovel full while you are resting and relaxing! Ain’t nothing wrong with that scenario! But to get there we have to hit the dirt on Saturday. The course will be a little different and therefore, a little complicated IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS! (Yes, I’m YELLING in an email). Better pay attention!

So, in order to cover every inch of the entire 50.66 miles of the Stone Mill course we need to do two separate out-n-backs from our starting point at Riffleford Road. Yes, two for the price of one! First we’ll head North up to Quince Orchard Road and down the cement (yes, cement) sidewalk along Rt. 28 for 1.25 miles and through the tunnel to the start of the Muddy Branch Trail (where we had the water and bird-poop potato aid station two weeks ago). This is a section of the outbound part of SM50 we hadn’t done yet and one of the most confusing. Need your wits about ya to stay on course here and not end up doing extra mileage especially on race day. This is the turn around point for the first out-n-back of the day-now we head back to Riffleford. I’ll give more explicit instructions in the morning. Once back at the parking area we’ll head South on the Seneca Ridge and Greenway Trails all the way down to the Rt. 28 Greenway Trailhead parking lot (Last Saturday’s turn around) Then head back up to the cars and snackeroonies and we’re done. Total distance should come in around 22 miles or so. If folks want to do extra they can easily access Clopper Lake and the upper part of the course.

Here are the details:

Location: Greenway Trailhead at Riffleford Road. 16899 Riffle Ford Rd, Darnestown, MD 20878
Coordinates: 39.132829, -77.267667
Time: 0730
Parking: There is a small dirt lot that holds about 20 cars (new) but there is ample parking on both shoulders. Just be careful of traffic.

***NEXT WEEK – Join us for the 3rd Annual Muddy Shoes Phantastic Phall Phat Ass Trail Haph Marathon and 10K at Lake Needwood. This is a great event with a Pot Luck Post Race that is scrumptious. Course will take yopu on the trails of Needwood, Redland (upper and Lower) and the Ag Farm. Great trails if you’ve never been on them before. There is a RSVP on the webpage ( under Events) and our Facebook page as well. Let us know you’re coming and sign up to bring some special grub to share after words. Don’t miss it. Cost is a $5 if ya can afford it (low-interest payment plans available).

Also a plug for the MCRRC Winter Trail Program coming your way. Registration is open. Awesome program that targets the Seneca Greenway Marthon and 50K in March.…/winter-trail-running-training-prog…/

That’s all I got for now. Its been a pleasure hosting these Preview runs on behalf of the Stone Mill 50 Mile Race. Been greaty to meet new trail dogs too! Hope ya’ll had fun

C U on the Single-Track!
Cheers (not sneers),
Muddy Shoes

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