Stone Mill 50 Miler Course Preview #3 – Saturday 21 October 0730


Wassup, Trailies!

OK, Week 3 of the Stone Mill 50 Miler course previews is upon us. Third times a charm, so they say! But, I’ve heard it said that bad things also come in threes…but we won’t go there. Be positive, Stay Positive. And I’m positive about one thing, we are going to get a real good, intimate look at Part III of the Stone Mill 50 Miler course tomorrow morning. OK here’s the plan. We are meeting up at the same parking lot as last week (Pennyfield Lock) but we’ll run in the opposite direction to get a look at the next section of the course (Mile 24.28 to Mile 34.28). I’m going to leave it up to you Math nerds to crunch the numbers but using my finger digits and doing the ‘Rithmatic I get 10 miles up and 10 miles back for 20 total.

So, about this section of trail. During the race Pennyfield Lock is basically the half way point. There will be a full-blown Aid Station here that provides not only liquids, real food and pottys but this is where you will find your drop bags. Crew access is also available here. We will head up the C & O Canal to Riley’s Lock where you will pass the real Stone Mill at Mile 27.78 and another full-blown Aid Station (no drop bags here) with all the amenities. You might see something stronger than Gatorade available on the beverage table here (wink, wink) :0. This is the point where you pick up the Seneca Greenway Trail and head North. We’ll turn around at the Rt. 28 Trail Head, during race day you just keep going.

OK, details, details:

Location: Pennyfield Lock, Pennyfield Road off of River Road (When you get to the canal go all the way down to your left)
Coordinates: 39.053729, -77.288852
Time: 0730
Course: I already ‘splained it! See above!
Distance: 20-ish miles or so.
Cost: Coupla bucks to keep things going. Put in donation box or slide $ to Coach Phil or Coach Mike

Etiquette: No pushing, shoving or elbowing on the trail. Snot rockets encouraged (Be green…literally!)

Time for a shameless plug…these runs are brought to you by MyMuddyShoes. We keep trail running going in MoCo year ’round, day/night sun/rain/snow since 2014. Join us for our other events. Go to or find us on yahoo or Facebook.

*** Mark your calendars and sign up for the 3rd Annual Phantastic Phall Phat Ass Trail Haph Marathon and 10k coming your way on Sunday 5 November. This is an annual event that serves as a perfect taper run the weekend before Stone Mill. Its low-key, lots of phun with a delicious pot luck and mingle afterwards.

So, rest up, hydrate and don’t eat too much tonight cuz…well, ya know…
C U at Pennyfield in the morning!
Muddy Shoes

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