Stone Mill 50 Miler Course Preview #2 – Saturday 14 October 0730

Listen Up, Trailies!

Time to do #2! ….uh…that is as in Stone Mill 50 Course Preview Run #2. Not the other Number 2 as in…well…ya know…that poopy-thing that bears tend to do in the woods…or is it the Pope? I dunno. Actually, a lot of trailies end up doing that Number 2 thing in the woods as well..cuz…well…as you know…shit happens…ba-da-boom…but I digress…again. Speaking of digressing, did I ever tell ya ’bout the time I was running after eating spicy Thai the night before and…wait…back on track!

Here we go. So, this Saturday you all will get a look at what is almost the entire second half of the outbound section of the course minus one small stretch we’ll get to later on. We will be running on the Muddy Branch Trail in its entirety. Starting at Pennyfield Lock we’ll head up to the Rt. 28 tunnel and then back down to the start. That 2nd part, the return leg of the out-n-back, is the way you’ll be coming during the race so that’s where ya need to pay attention. Altogether this will only be 19 miles or so. Feel free to add on extra if your little legs desire. We’ll have Pete setting up some aid at Turkey Foot Road for your dining and replenishing pleasure. That will be at about mile 4 outbound or 15-ish inbound. We’ll also have snacks at the end.

Check out the attached map to get an idea where each of the preview runs will be on the course. Mileage is -ish (Duh!)

Location: Pennyfield Lock, Pennyfield Road off of River Road (When you get to the canal go all the way down to your left)
Coordinates: 39.053729, -77.288852
Time: 0730
Course: Out-n-back on Muddy Branch Trail (up to tunnel at rt. 28)
Distance: 19-ish miles or so.
Cost: Coupla bucks to keep things going
Etiquette: Foul language and use of four-letter words permitted if used as an adjective as in. ‘This mud is effing scrumptious’, as a verb ‘So-and-so is sh*ting in those bushes’ , as a noun “That hill was a real b**ch”. etc.

OK, C U Stinking Trail Hounds there.
Muddy Shoes

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