Stone Mill 50 Miler Course Preview Run #1 – Saturday 7 October 0730

Hey Stone Millers,

Ready for Stone Mill Course Preview Run #1??? Well, we are! No bout a doubt it! Yes, I know those words are reversed and perversed, just like you’ll be at the end of the run. Well, hopefully not reversed cuz that means you went off-trail and we have to go get you. And hopefully not perversed cuz…well… just cuz we don’t need that either. But we can guarantee you’ll get a good look at the top part of the Stone Mill 50 course which is a part that you will run on the way out (first leg) and on the way in (last leg). Plus you get to go around Clopper Lake (which you have to do on the way out.)

Fair warning – there is a wee bit of pavement involved in this run. But only a little. That’s right, we’ll be starting and ending at the official Start/Finish line and giving you a look at what you’ll see at the beginning and glorious end of the race and that involves hitting a bit of asphalt to get you to and from the trailhead (1.25 miles each way)

There will be water on the course and snacks back at the start/finish. Feel free to bring a snack if ya got one.

Fan-favorite Mike Edwards will be leading this run. Listen to him, he’ll explain everything. Do what he says (within reason).

Here are the details:

When: Saturday 7 October
Time: 0730
Location: Stedwick Elementary School 10631 Stedwick Rd, Montgomery Village, MD 20886
Cost: Slide us a $5 bill or some loose change from under your couch cushions.
Distance: I dunno…somewhere in the 18-19-ish range? (Ya didn’t really expect exact mileage from a trail runner, did ya?)

OK, side note, these course preview runs are brought to you by MyMuddyShoes, the local trail tribe here in Montgomery County, in conjunction with the Stone Mill 50 Race Directors – all rise – Barry Hauptmann and John Fitz! You may be seated. Anyway we run every Tuesday (in the dark) every Thursday (in the dark) and every Saturday when MCRRC Winter Trails is not in session. Check us out on Facebook, Yahoo or at .

OK, that’s it! Be there or be square.
Muddy Shoes

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