R-U-Bluffing-Me Saturday Trail Run – 0730 @ Riley’s Lock

Gonna be a great day for a long trail run, Cowboy. No, I’m not bluffing you BUT we are going to ‘Run the Bluffs’ as they say in MoCo trail running circles. Actually, I don’t know who ‘they’ is…or are…its just a figure of speech, ya know. BUT (another but in all caps?! must be important!) I digress! Seems to happen to me alot..that ‘digress’ thing…ya know, did I ever tell ya ’bout the time I …never mind…we are running Seneca Bluffs Trail on Saturday morn. One of my favorites. I’m not bluffing! A real treat. Out-n-back to Rt. 28 will be about 14 round trip. Stretch it to Black Rock Mill and back to get in 17 if you like. I’ll try to put some water out there.

Here are the details:

Location: Riley’s Lock Lock 24, Darnestown, MD 20874, USA
Latitude: 39.068813 | Longitude: -77.340832

Time: 0730

Course: North on Seneca Bluffs to Rt. 28 and back

Other Stuff:

NEXT SATURDAY – We are doing the Phat Cat Run up North in the Catoctins. Robin will be in charge (God help us!- just kidding….God can’t do anything! We’ll be on our own!) Here is the link to sign up


Stone Mill Traing Runs start October 7th…look for more info to come your way. Donations will be appreciated. You don’t have to be doing Stone Mill to do these runs. All are welcome and you can go longer or shorter.

OK…boss-man wants me to start working (What the hey!?!)

C U Muddy Minions in the Morning! I’m not bluffing!

Muddy Shoes

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