Thursday Evening Trails at Cabin John

Go forth and run, oh ye Muddyshoes bunch! Cabin John awaits you tonight, bring lights, bring your nerves for overcoming the fears 😱 of darkness. I promise you, you’ll get used to it and enjoy running by firefliesπŸ’₯, headlamps and others, before it really gets colder — and by then the reflections on snow will light up the run.
As Phil would say, I digress. You’ll want to run north tonight from the Tennis Center parking lot across Tuckerman and around the “new” trail near 270. 7-8 miles in all unless you turn back early.

Sadly, I won’t be with you. It’s that day once a month when I must go to the Board meeting. Phil Epstein,
Ashley Tipton, Smita or another regular, please direct the hordes for me. I’ll be back next week. Actually had to run favement this morning to make up for it and fit running in the schedule today. Puck it.

Here’s your schedule and location–

Where: Meet at Cabin John Tennis and Nature Center parking lot, to the right off Democracy going west from 270. If you reach Seven Locks, you’ve gone too far.

When: 6:15 for warm-up; 6:30 to pick up late comers and do full run.

Bring lights. Let everyone know you’re coming. Have fun!!


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