MyMuddyShoes Summer Trail Running Program

Hey Root Slappers,
Guess what?!? Yup!  The Official Muddy Shoes Summer Trail Schedule is here and ready to go! After intense scientific review and scrutiny conducted by a carefully selected panel of experts in a controlled setting….actually…uh…check that. I just had a couple other stinkin’ Muddy Shoes trail dogs give it the smell test and got a nod of approval and a ‘Whatevah!’ or two. But, hey, its here for ya and it will get you through the Summer.
Here’s the plan:  The schedule is geared to train you up for a 25K (that’s  15.25 miles). Our target race is the MD HEAT Race directed by our own Nick Yeates. That will be 26 August. There is also a 50k option so folks wanting to train for that can tack on miles to our long runs on the schedule (just ask a coach what to do). We will hold formal training runs every Saturday(various trail venues) and Tuesdays (Lake Needwood). The rest of the training plan is a guideline of what you need to do on your own. There are also other regular Thursday runs that happen too (Cabin John, Meadowside and Carderock) that folks can join in on. All very low-key and relaxed.
Now, remember, you don’t have to be training for the race to come out and run with us. The main purpose of the Summer Schedule is to give folks here in MoCo an option to come out and run trails with a like-minded bunch of semi-uncouth, odiferous trail enthusiasts much like yourself. It’s that ‘birds of a feather’ thing…kinda…but of course we don’t have wings…or feathers… but you catch my drift. It’s a reason to be out there on the single-track.
Cost: If you are going to run with us throughout the Summer then I’ll hit ya up for $10. US Dollars only, no pennies accepted and NO bartering. Kapeesh?
First Run is this Saturday May 20th. We’ll run from Needwood up to Muncaster Rd. That means we’ll hit the Mudcat Trail, Beaver Tale Trail, Redland Trail (upper and lower), Westside Trail, maybe some repeats on Adie’s Hill and folks can scoot up Parilla Path if they want to. The thing is, you can go as long or short as you want. We’ll put aid out on the course and have snacks and stuff to re-load with back at the parking lot (feel free to bring something).
All other runs appear on the calendar to the right of the website!
I can think of absolutely no reason why any reasonable runner would pass this up. Nope!
On that note, eat your vegetables and C U there!
Muddy Shoes
Here is  quick look at all of the summer runs – Please see the calendar to the right for location details.

May 20th – Needwood – Redland Trail (out & back) 9 Miles

May 27th – Riffleford Rd – Seneca Ridge Trail to Black Rock Mill (out & back) 10 Miles

June 3rd – Greenway South – Log House Rd to Brink Road (out & back) 11 Miles

June 10th – Greenway South – Watkins Mill HS to Clopper Lake (out & back) 12 Miles

June 17th – Riley’s Lock to Rt. 28 (Loop) 14 Miles

June 24th – Muddy Branch Northbound from Pennyfield Lock (out & back) 15 Miles

July 1st – Wheaton Regional Park (loops) 16 Miles

July 8th – Ten Mile Creek Trail (out & back) 14 Miles

July 15th – Black Hill Regional Park (out & back) 15 Miles

July 22nd – Cabin John Trail Southbound (out & back) 16 Miles

July 29th – 2nd Annual BobWhite Fatass Race 17 or 13.1 Miles

August 5th – Lower Rock Creek (loop) 14 Miles

August 19th – Agricultural Farm Park to Olney (out & back) 10 Miles

August 26th – MD Heat Race

Link to a printable version of the full Calenar –