Thursday Evening Trails at Cabin John

Go forth and run, oh ye Muddyshoes bunch! Cabin John awaits you tonight, bring lights, bring your nerves for overcoming the fears 😱 of darkness. I promise you, you’ll get used to it and enjoy running by fireflies💥, headlamps and others, before it really gets colder — and by then the reflections on snow will light up the run.
As Phil would say, I digress. You’ll want to run north tonight from the Tennis Center parking lot across Tuckerman and around the “new” trail near 270. 7-8 miles in all unless you turn back early.

Sadly, I won’t be with you. It’s that day once a month when I must go to the Board meeting. Phil Epstein,
Ashley Tipton, Smita or another regular, please direct the hordes for me. I’ll be back next week. Actually had to run favement this morning to make up for it and fit running in the schedule today. Puck it.

Here’s your schedule and location–

Where: Meet at Cabin John Tennis and Nature Center parking lot, to the right off Democracy going west from 270. If you reach Seven Locks, you’ve gone too far.

When: 6:15 for warm-up; 6:30 to pick up late comers and do full run.

Bring lights. Let everyone know you’re coming. Have fun!!


Last Needwood Run Tonight and Outta-the-Way!

Well, so I lied last week when I said we were done for the season at Needwood. Me thinks we can squeeze one more in before moving to our Winter quarters. And, of course we need to celebrate the end of the Summer Needwood runs. Cuz we need a reason to hoist a cold burger and a juicy beer….wait…thats backwards…figure it out yourself. Needless to say, the evening will go like this:
1. Mingle, Mingle Mingle in parking lot
2. 6:15 Warm Up Mile
3. Back to parking lot and more mingle, mingle, mingle
4. 6:29 Coach Phil says “Yo, listen up! blah, blah, blah, then go left at the big tree blah blah, then out and back on blah, blah hill repeats blah blah…” you know the drill
5. At 6:30 the running begins!
6. Finish run, mingle, mingle, head to Outta-the-Way Cafe for fun and carbs.

BRING HEADLAMP u will need it by the end of the run.

Location: Parking lot at the Hiker/Biker Trail –
15679 Needwood Lake Cir, Derwood, MD 20855
Time: Warmup starts at 6:15 – run starts at 6:30
Course: Counter-clockwise. Out-n-back on Beaver Tale, cross causeway and out-n-back on Troll Trail down Westside Trail to Adies Hill for repeats (Stone Millers need to do these!) and back to cars.

– Mark your calendars NOW for the 3rd Annual Muddy Shoes Phantastic Phall Phat Ass Trail Haph Marathon and 10k – Sunday 5 November. More details to come!

– We will be running various locations on Saturdays through September. Stay tuned for weekly announcements. In October we host the Stone Mill Course Preview Training Runs each Saturday. More to come on that too.

That’s it! C U Trail Dogs there!
Muddy Shoes

2017 Stone Mill 50 Course Preview Training Runs


OK, Stone Millers, it’s time to start training up and getting’ yer head in gear for Stone Mill. Its coming up. We’ll be hittin the course piece-by-piece in a series of course preview training runs. The purpose of these trots is to get folks out on the course to get a look-see at what they’ll be tackling on race day. Gives ya just a little advantage that you’ll have in your back pocket on race day. This year the runs will be put on by the MyMuddyShoes Trail Runners, a local group of trail runners in Montgomery County, MD. The preview runs will be held over 4 Saturdays in October, with a BONUS 5th week at the 3rd Annual Muddy Shoes Phantastic Phall Phat Ass Trail Haph Marathon and 10K also put on by MyMuddyShoes. The Half will be a great taper run for Stone Millers.

On each of the training runs there’ll be water set out on the course and chewable stuff back at the parking lots. However, these runs will be BYOTP…yeah, the TP stands for toilet paper. Feel free to bring a pass-around to share if you want. All runs will be on Saturday mornings, starting at 0730. Open to all. Folks can feel free to donate $3 or $4 bucks or any loose change they find on the floor of their car to help defray the cost of water and snacks…and to pay for my vacation home at the beach…kidding!…wanted to see if you were still paying attention!

*Please note, the course may not be marked beyond the normal trail markings (tree blazes), and neither Stone Mill nor MyMuddyShoes are responsible or liable for any incidents that may occur during these runs including. This includes fronting bail money!

While subject to change, here is the schedule as of right now. I’ll send out notifications the Friday before each run. OK, here ya go:

Preview Run #1 – 7 October – Stedwick E.S. – The run will take you from the school onto Stedwick Rd. for a short bit then left on Watkins Road (yeah, its pavement, but only for a short bit) over to the Seneca Greenway trailhead where you get back on dirt heading South to Clopper Lake. Go around lake and back. Distance – about 20 Miles

Address: 10631 Stedwick Rd, Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Preview Run #2 – 14 October – Pennyfield Lock – Start at Pennyfield Lock and head North up Muddy Branch Trail to Rt. 28 and back. Distance – about 17 Miles

Address: 39.0537° N, 77.2889° W

Preview Run #3 – 21 October – Pennyfield Lock (again) – Start at Pennyfield Lock and head up C&O Canal to the start of Greenway Trail by the actual Stone Mill and head North up to Rt. 28 parking lot. Distance – about 20 Miles

Address: 39.0537° N, 77.2889° W

Preview Run #4 – 28 October – Rt.28 Trail Head – Head North up Greenway and Seneca Ridge Trail to Quince Orchard Road. Down Rt. 28 (sidewalk to start of Muddy Branch trail. Distance – about 22 Miles

Addrss: 39.128111, -77.332955

Bonus Taper Run – Sunday 5 November – 3rd Annual Muddy Shoes Phantastic Phall Phat Ass Half Marathon and 10k. Great taper run.

Note: Each of these runs is an out-n-back, so the distance is easily customized to your needs.