Hey Gang,

We are doing a tag up trail run on Saturday with Coach Mary and the Spring Intro to Trails TMFs. We figured now that these folks aren’t trail newbies any more we should hook up so they can mingle with some more experienced runners so they can continue to slap their feet on some single track throughout the Summer. That way they can watch how we fall on the trails too! HA! Should be a good crowd. We’ll try and have some water out on the trail but weather should be good.

Details, details:

Location: Seneca Ridge Trail @ Riffle Ford Road

Coords: 39.133001, -77.268304

Time: 0730

Course: Seneca Ridge to Black Rock Mill then back up other side on Greenway Cost: Free! ….donations accepted!

***BTW, start thinking about joining Muddy Shoes for their Summer 25k Training Program coming your way in May. Its cheap too – just $10 bucks! Watch for announcements We’ll get you good and ready for the MD HEAT Race in August

***Just got a new batch of Muddy Shoes Running Hats ($15), Buffs ($10) and magnets / stickers ($1 each). Nice swag! U.S. currency only, no Monopoly money!

***Farm Park Challenge is coming in May. Awesome trail event! Register Now! Here is the link: http://farmparkchallenge.com/

OK, C U Saturday!

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